The way to your heart is through jewelry. By saying this, we do not mean just any jewelry, but angel earrings from Smythe Jewellery. Immediately you set your eyes on these rear beauties, your eyes will be captured by their irresistible charm. Their captivating beauty does not only last in your eyes for a little while, but will forever capture your heart and soul.

The best thing about Smythe Jewellers is that they have a variety of earrings in the Angel line. For instance, if you love something shiny and highly valuable, then you can go for the Gold Angel Earrings. These gold earrings will not fail to impress. They have a timeless elegance and splendor that will forever hold a special place in your heart. If you love earrings that are not plain but they feature some unique designs, then Angel Wing Earrings will please you. These earrings are available in silver and gold and you will surely love them. Their designers have made sure that they come up with earrings that can only be said to be masterpieces of human design and creativity. With the rare sparkle that they shine with, you surely will get noticed whenever you wear them.

So why else do you need Angel Earrings? Well, the answer is simple, to feel an angel's touch. Ones you wear these earrings, your senses will warm up to the sight, touch, and smell of an angel-inspired piece of jewelry. It is even safe to say that this is the closest you will ever get to feel heaven on earth.

Apart from the touch of an angel, these earrings are the beckons of fashion too. The beauty and elegance of these angelic masterpieces that are also handcrafted with a lot of affection while utilizing high-quality materials such as sterling silver, genuine diamond, and gold, that will make you look fashionable too. Therefore, if you are a fashion conscious member of society, you will appreciate the opportunity given to you by these masterpieces to look beautiful and outstanding. The fact that you will not find these earrings displayed in mediocre outlets speaks volumes on their quality and the skill put into designing and making them. Angel Earrings are rare gems and so you should feel special wearing them.

It is also important to mention the jewelers that dedicated their lives to designing these earrings with glitter, unbeatable gleam, unrivalled charm, and unique cherub. Their work has made sure that your social engagements will never be the same again. With their angelic earrings, you will always be the talk of the night, you will not fail to steal glances, and everyone will want to know who you are.

Therefore, when buying earrings, do not just go for any brand, go for Angel Earrings by Smythe Jewellery.

Handmade beaded jewellery, shop online for beautiful, unique necklaces,
bracelets, anklets, all made with selections of crystals, gemstones,
seed beads, swarovski crystals, trumpet beads, hermitite beads, love
hearts, and pearls.

With every necklace you buy for £20 or more

you will recieve a matching bracelet FREE...

If you would like me to make a piece of jewellery in a colour of your choice.

send me the index number of the design, colour or colours you would like
and the length you require
and i will make your jewellery and have it in the post within a week
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pink and gold necklace A gorgeous selection hand crafted beaded jewellery made from the finest quality glass seed beads, semi precious gemstone and swarovski crystals put together in the most stunning designs.There is a necklace for every occasion.
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silver and blue necklace

white and pink bracelet Lots of pretty Bracelets in several different designs all made with glass seed beads, semi precious gemstone and swarovski crystals. If you like any of the designs but want them in a different colour please
and i will make you a Bracelet..
Please click on a design to see more Bracelets
pink and silver bracelet

Ankle bracelets
Black and gold anklet Ankle bracelets made with glass seed beads, semi preious gem stones and swarovski crystals.
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Handbag and phone Jewellery
Beautiful dragon-fly handbag and phone jewellery Please come and take a look at this stunning handbag and mobile phone jewellery all are made with the finest quality glass beads
Please click on a design to see more Handbag and phone jewellery
silver and blue handbag and phone jewellery



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